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election is still unclear. but the damage and destruction won't stop voters in the garden state from casting ballots. officials say they will deploy military trucks to serve as polling places on tuesday. they're extending the deadline for mail in ballots. >>> with only four days left in the nine stretch of the race, the candidates are back on the campaign trail today. president obama has three stops in the battleground state of ohio. and tomorrow the president comes back to virginia on stage in manassas with bill clinton and rocker dave matthews. yesterday mr. obama picked up the endorsement of new york he campaigned in wisconsin, nevada and colorado. >>> meanwhile, republican nominee mitt romney starts the day with a campaign rally in wisconsin, and then heads to ohio for two more campaign events. he'll join his wife ann and running mate paul ryan in ohio. >>> in 90 minutes. the labor department will release the october unemployment report. economists say about 121,000 jobs were added. it would likely raise the rate slightly from 7.8% to 7.9% last month. >>> kwame brown could serve
that we know of was injured. >> thank you, melanie. the election is right around the corner now. we want to remind you early voting is extended through tomorrow in maryland and through saturday in dc after a two day suspension due to hurricane sandy. last minute push for the presidential candidates. as the ads play on your tv, what's true and what's not? joining us is jonathan strong with role call and we've been doing this for several weeks back checking these ads to kind of help the voters and the viewers understand what's real, what's not. thanks for coming in. are they getting more and more aggressive and can we expect more of the same in the last few days? >> there's a few instances where the ads are pushing the envelope a little more than we've been seeing. one of the thoughts, the strategies here is that it doesn't catch up with you in time for election day. you have to be really careful about the ads in the last few days. >> i personally, i almost completely ignore the ads just because of that. another candidate doesn't have time to refute it. we were going to go through specific
until election day, governor mitt romney returns to campaign trail with three stops in florida today. yesterday he campaigned in ohio and collected relief supplies for hurricane victims. he picked up the endorsement of former chrysler ceo, lee i coco. >>> president obama warns there's still a risk from flooding and downed power lines. today he'll get a look at the damage along with new jersey governor chris christie. >>> it is still not clear how the storm will impact the election. and as our political strategist says, the president isn't on the campaign trail. >> i don't think i could handicap this one way or the other who it helps. but it does take the campaign off the front pages for sure. >> the president gets a break, to be honest with you, because now he gets to fly to new jersey, do the photo op and pretend he's really, you know, concerned about all this stuff. and everybody will get glowing press, which he'll get, so then what happens -- >> you're saying the president isn't concerned about americans? >> i'm not saying he's not concerned about it. if you look at what's happene
apologize that we were not able to reschedule it before election day. allison. . >>> tony, thank you very much. this time next week a lot of people will probably be very blurry-eyed from staying up way too late to find out the results of the presidential election. there are also important senate and house races that may come back to the wire. we haven't seen you two together for a while, peter fan, good morning, peter and republican political strategist jim inainasnezi and your beautiful hair. [ laughter ] >> don't say anything. >> let's talk about this storm and the effects on the campaign, the effect it had. were the campaigns pushed back very greatly, peter, let me start with you? >> i think it's in some ways it's tough on the president because he's missing three days, mitt romney missed about a day or so, not even that. and this is important to be out there to energize your troops, get them going, but, look, you know, politics takes a second stage in this kind of situation. the president did the right thing in even chris christie in new jersey, who he's touring with today, was very la
.9%. >> the unemployment report comes as the presidential candidates are in their final push before election day. wisdom martin is back in studio with more on today's events. >> always a lot of things going on as we get down to the last couple days before we decide who will be president of the united states. allison and tony, first, the president is coming to our area and will be appearing in manassas. dave matthews, the singer, will be there. today, mitt romney starts in wisconsin and both the president and romney both make appearances in the state of ohio. romney has two stops and the president has three. now, he's trying to make up for the lull in campaigning because of the super storm. the president was back on the campaign trail yesterday making appearances in wisconsin, nevada and boulder, colorado. he also got endorsements from the mayor of new york city, who says he's doing it because the president, president obama, has done a lot on global warming. the president is slamming mitt romney, charging he would be a rubber stamp for the right wing. romney is ridiculing the president for wanting to cre
already have voted in the up coming election by mail or in person. no votes will be counted until november 6th. voting picked back up in maryland after a two day suspension. there was a big turn out in buoy. hours were extended through tomorrow again because of sandy. >> some other top stories this morning, stanford county sheriffs stepped up the hunt for lawrence stewart. accused of trying to kill his ex girlfriend and police officers tuesday morning. no one was hurt. stewart may be driving a red hyundai accent or white nissan altima with pennsylvania plates. >>> police released a sketch for the suspect wanted in a shooting that killed a woman and injured her firefighter husband. the man is believed to be in his early 20s. the shootings happened friday on a foot path. the firefighter and his wife were walking a dog and started firing the shots. so far investigators have not released a motive. >> getting to know tim cain. former mayor, governor and chair. now, he wants to represent you. >> still ahead, in depth with the candidate and one on one interview. >> a violent halloween park includ
is extending early voting on friday. in the district of columbia, the board of elections is also announcing that early voting will remain closed today. all because of course of sandy. >> and with one week until election day, that's right, one week, president barack obama and governor mitt romney are suspending their campaigns for today. president obama is at the white house, and is monitoring the impact and response to superstorm sandy. aide force governor mitt romney say if anything, he will take part am some sort of relief effort. the federal government is shut down again today, but the labor department says friday's big jobs report will still be released on schedule. >> hard to believe that the election is next week. >> obviously, we were all consumed with it, and in the last few day, we have been dealing with this storm. but we will be back to it i'm sure tomorrow or thursday. >> there we go. >> uh-huh. >> good morning. >> we're still not out of the woods with this. the impact of the storm is just absolutely amazing. so we are going to get right to it and let people know exactly what is
early voting again today, but he is extending early voting on friday. >> in d.c., the board of elections is also announcing that early voting will remain closed today all because of sandy, of course. >>> and with a week before election day, the candidates are both suspending their campaigns today. president barack obama is at the white house. he is monitoring the impact and response to the storm. aides for governor mitt romney say if anything that he will take part in some sort of relief effort. the federal government is shut down again today, but the labor department says friday's big jobs report will still be released on schedule. >>> still ahead, water rushes into a train station in new jersey. we'll show you how it got in. >>> first, though, lauren demarco has a look at damage in ocean city, maryland. lauren. >>reporter: well, whipping winds continue here in ocean city. in the meantime city officials beginning to assess the damage. we're going to have an update in the wake of superstorm sandy coming up next on fox 5 morning news.  >>> back now on fox 5 mo
are operating on a work at home state today. >>> with just a little over a week until election day, the presidential candidates are forced to shuffle their campaign schedules around. >> president barack obama is getting rid of plans to campaign in three states and a rally in florida this morning. he will be back at the white house this afternoon to monitor the hurricane. governor mitt romney is campaigning in ohio, iowa, and wisconsin today. he canceled stops in virginia yesterday. and an event scheduled in new hampshire tomorrow. >>> hurricane sandy also cancelling early voting in dc and maryland. there were long lines on saturday and both the district and maryland. maryland governor martin o'malley declared a state of emergency. the dc board of elections will decide later today if early voting will be canceled tomorrow. >>> coming up, tucker's back with another check of sandy's track. >>> plus is the storm scaring your kids? we're going to get tips from a psychologist on how to ease fear. we'll be right back. ight back. [ minto ] you know, those ads saying mitt romney
of emergency. the dc board of elections will decide later today if early voting will be canceled tomorrow. >>> all right chuck sharon with us once again to bring us the latest on this storm which intensified overnight. >> in fact, pressure down about an hour ago, i know to most people that doesn't mean a lot, to the weather people, that tells us it's only getting stronger. i want to emphasize again, i know the weather people are prone to hyping thins. this is the real deal. we're not hyping it. this is a serious weather event. in fact, i've lived here honestly most of my life, and i can't remember a storm no this strong, even isabell was passing further to the south and west. we know how much damage that did. we can look forward to the same thing i'm afraid. there you go, that's an outer band associated with sandy, now moving in, and starting to get pretty good rain rates here along the 95 corridor, earlier they got rain overnight. we'll continue to see anesthesia banding effects during the course of the day. you'll see heavy rain, get a bit of a break, and it'll pickup again as the storm
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10